Why Should You Digest Health Information?

The current accessibility to health information in today’s technological day and age is astronomical. There is SO much out there. Which is great! It helps individuals to get informed and learn about their health. But a big problem presents with this; just because information is out there, does not mean that it is true or pertinent to each person. Far from it, actually. Not to mention – our media system is one that is largely driven by the bottom line for each organization, AKA…..$$$. Which is not always in the best interest of the audience it is received by. So for individuals looking to learn about their health, prevent chronic disease and illness, and just live the healthiest life possible, how can it be done??

happinessThere is definitely no simple answer. There is so much involved in the background that is impossible to consider each time you click a link to a news story. Ideals of an organization, their stakeholders, their regulation, and their investment in an issue, are just a few of many confounding factors that blur our reception of new information. So again, what does that mean for those trying to live a healthy life, but are also wayyy to busy to invest lots of time into searching all of this? I recommend spending a little time upfront to find a few communication outlets from varying perspectives. Then when you read the news, briefly scroll through the headlines of each outlet. This allows you to stay up-to-date with current events. Doing so enables you to get a more holistic picture of what is going on in the world, which greatly enhances your decision-making. This can be done for any topic you choose, but as I am a health-nerd, I will be focusing on health information in this blog.

Each post, I will either pick a current health issue and compare mainstream media sources with non-mainstream sources OR I will cover an important health topic that seems to be missing from mainstream health news altogether. This blog aims to inform your health knowledge, and demonstrate the impact health news (or lack of health news) can have on the health choices you make in your daily life.

I welcome feedback and hope I can help you to ‘digest’ your health news in a way that enables you to make better health decisions and improve your health overall!